Our estate is located at the crossroads of the Dordogne valley and the Vézère valley. At the edge of the black perigord and purple périgord


The Périgord Noir, the Dordogne valley
The Dordogne valley stretches from Carlux to Siorac in Périgord. It is a valley with unspoilt nature and major heritage sites: the villages of Beynac, Roque Gageac, Domme classified among the most beautiful villages in France, the sites of Castelnaud, Marqueyssac and many others. The natural setting of the valley makes it conducive to rest and practice multiple leisure activities: canoeing, swimming ...
It is by traversing the Dordogne valley that you will discover Bergerac, Bergerac country, bastides and vineyards.
Along the water, in canoe or barge, let yourself be seduced by the wealth of landscapes that extend on both sides of the Dordogne River and its remarkable historical, natural and cultural heritage.
Old channel of communication, the Dordogne allowed the territory to develop economically and demographically. The boatman heritage and the paper mills testify to the economic life passed along the river and its tributaries. Paper mills, recreational fishing and boating are still today a sign of its attractiveness.

Long coveted, the Bergeracois unveils many bastides, (nine of English origin: Monpazier, Beaumont ... and only one of French origin: Eymet), but also many castles (Monbazillac, Lanquais, Montreal ...) and typical villages , as well as important religious monuments including the abbeys of Cadouin and Saint-Avit-Sénieur (classified as World Heritage by UNESCO).
Marked by a mild and temperate climate, Bergeracois is a land favorable to the development of the vine. From Montravel wines to Monbazillac wines, there are 13 AOCs of quality that will perfectly accompany the gastronomic products of our region (foie gras, truffles, confit ...).

The Périgord Noir, the Vézère valley
The Vézère Valley is famous for the classification of its many prehistoric sites to the world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. There is the cave of Lascaux, but also sites like that of Font de Gaume, Cap Blanc. The city of Les Eyzies can rightly claim to be the world capital of prehistory due to the large number of sites it houses, its national museum and its interpretation center. A little less touristy than the Dordogne valley, the Vézère valley offers calm and tranquility. It is ideal for family outings, walks and sports activities (mountain biking). Beyond prehistory, the Vézère valley offers, like all of Périgord, an exceptional terroir and well-preserved heritage sites.

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